Our pipeline integrity management support services include the following aspects:

  1. Development and completion of SCC detection, characterisation and disposition programs.
  2. Managing investigative digs.
  3. Selecting potential SCC sits and development of long term inspection strategy.
  4. Soil and water chemistry characterisation.
  5. Evaluation of coating and construction practices.
  6. Corrosion product analysis including SRB bacterial testing.
  7. Coating disbondment surveys.
  8. Condition evaluation of tape coated and asphalt enamel coated pipelines.
  9. Evaluation of cathodic protection systems
  10. On-site visual, MPE and UT shear wave scans
  11. Evaluation of pipe metal loss and cracks.
  12. Complete metallurgical laboratory.
  13. Analysis of pipeline materials including metallography and SEM analysis.
  14. Cataloguing of data as per CEPA Guidelines.
  15. Corrosion evaluation and mapping.
  16. Implementation of corrosion monitoring programs. Managing external coating repair programs (Rehab Work), including installation of clock springs.
  17. Inspection of coating application to field girth welds joints.
  18. Inspection of coating application to line pipes in shops.
  19. Inspection of sleeve application to field joints.


BNL can provide turnkey services from risk evaluation of pipeline systems through to risk management and pipeline remediation programs.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective programs that will enhance our client’s operation and confidence in their pipeline systems, and in so doing, forge long-term relationships.