The LLE and spares import initiative covers the services associated with the movement of client’s long lead equipment and commissioning spares from designated world wide export locations to fabrication yards in Singapore and Malaysia as well as the movement of client’s capital and two years operating spares to warehouses and storage yards located in Nigeria.

BNL provides services associated with:

  1. LLE and spares receipt
  2. Inspection
  3. Storage
  4. Consolidation
  5. Transportation
  6. Cargo Tracking
  7. Customs Clearance in originating and destination country’s.

The LLE and spares in broad terms refers to the followings:

  1. Centrifugal compress and spares
  2. Rotary compressors and spares
  3. Centrifugal pumps and spares
  4. Essential generator and spares

BNL has:

  1. Extensive experience and demonstrated capability to effectively execute international trade compliance functions unique to the countries of the united States, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and Nigeria.
  2. Demonstrated ability to use standard process and systems for performing and monitoring international integrated logistics support activities.
  3. Demonstrated ability to provide computerised system to track status of material receipts, shipments in transit, destination services preparation of over, short and damage reports and other reports as required.
  4. Demonstrated ability to update electronic databases with receipt detail against client’s purchase orders.
  5. Demonstrated ability to monitor electronic database for supplier delivery exception reporting and to effectively interface with third party supplier expediting management service provider.
  6. Experienced logistics personnel to manage the execution of international integrated logistics support activities including ocean transport (both liner and charter services), air transport (Antinov AN-124 air charter), truck transport both in gauge and over dimensional including heavy haul) and international trade compliance regulations unique to the countries of the United Sates, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and Nigeria.
  7. Demonstrated experience and established presence in the countries enumerated above.