Turnaround Inspection: 
BNL shutdown inspection support is designed to ensure conformance with code requirements. This service includes:

  1. Review of inspection test plan and repair procedures to ensure compliance with that applicable specification and code.
  2. Pressure Vessel inspection to API 510
  3. Tank inspection to API 253
  4. Pressure Piping inspection to API 570
  5. Coating inspection to NACE Level III

Visual Welding Inspection

  1. ASME Standards
  2. Shop welding
  3. Welder qualifications
  4. Welding procedures
  5. Weld quality and dimensional verification

Coating Inspection

  1. NACE Level III standard assurance
  2. Pipeline coating inspection
  3. Surface preparation evaluation
  4. Testing for salt contamination
  5. Thermal spray inspection
  6. Specification assessment
  7. Materials confirmation
  8. Bond testing
  9. Sleeve installation inspection

Quality Assurance

  1. Quality assurance system development and review
  2. Vendor surveillance
  3. Attendance at pre-production meeting to finalise details of specifications
  4. Review and evaluation of manufacturer’s in-house quality control programs
  5. Examination and verification of material test certificates
  6. Witnessing mechanical testing and non-destructive testing.


BNL in collaboration with its alliance companies offers clients the latest inspection techniques. Some of these are:

  1. Ultrasonic testing: thickness measurements; shear wave scans and mechanised UT examination
  2. Radiographic testing including shadow shots
  3. Magnetic particle: wet fluorescent or dry powder; water or solvent based
  4. Liquid penetration
  5. Eddy current
  6. Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  7. Acoustic emission
  8. Portable alloy analyser
  9. Video Inspection
  10. Replica technique
  11. Thermography

Field Services 
Our engineers and specialists provide field services in the following areas:

  1. In situ field metallography using replication
  2. On-site alloy analysing (positive materials identification)
  3. Failure analysis
  4. Macro and micro hardness testing
  5. Strain gauging and stress analysis
  6. Fire damage assessment

Training Programs 
BNL offers training programs developed to ensure that before candidates take an API Inspector Certification Examination, they are well prepared.
Exam preparatory courses are offered for the API 510, API 570 and API 253 exams on a regular basis usually co-ordinated with the exam dates. In-house training can also be arranged to meet client needs.