BNL is poised to be a high profile technology driven Oil and Gas Service Company providing unique, cost effective and safe solution to all pipeline/flow line construction, pipeline/flow line repairs or logging problems using a combination of highly experienced personnel, leading-edge instrumentation and modern equipment to execute projects on a timely basis and within budget.

The affiliation of the joint venture company to foreign technical partners provides us access to their technologies and innovativeness which has achieved a great feat in cost reduction in the area of pipeline/flow line repairs, plant maintenance and facilities turn-around. Such innovativeness in technology includes:

  1. Pipeline/Flow line integrity Software, which is a specialized software-reporting program, used to track and report pipeline/flow line flaws and repairs.

 2. Specialized boring, digging and trenching and equipment that quickly and safety exposes all underground transmission lines.

In addition to pipeline/flow line construction, repairs and maintenance, Benkline Nigeria Limited also offers solution to more specialized problems such as installing roads on river crossings, managing pipeline/flow line abandonment and revamping pipeline/flow line.

The technical competence of the joint venture company coupled with its access to enormous financial resources puts us in a position to successfully tackle any pipeline.

Regular services includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Flowlines/Bulkline Construction
  2. Hook-up to Flow lines Well Head
  3. Leak repairs on Flowlines/Bulklines
  4. Leak Repairs within Facilities
  5. Pipeline laying of various length, sizes and water depth, etc
  6. Pipeline crossing of various sizes and length
  7. Landfall works of various sizes, length and cofferdam size, etc.
  8. Dredging works
  9. Shore approach pipeline installation of various length, sizes, water depth, and trench requirement
  10. Subsea operation of various water depth, diving, divers, and ROV


This covers construction of land oil/gas flow lines. Work activities include but not limited to the following:
1.         ROW Bush Clearing
2.         Dishing               
3.         Stringing/Welding of Flow lines:
4.         Coating/laying of flow lines
5.         Back Filling
6.         Slope Stabilization
7.Installation of pigging facilities
8.         Fabrication
8.1       Fabrications/installation of cathodic protection test posts.
8.2       Fabrication and Installation of Wellhead and Hook-up Arms
8.3       Fabrication, Installation and painting of Standard Hi-Lo platform
8.4       Fabrication, Installation and painting of pipe Bridge
8.5       Fabrication and Installation of flow line markers
8.6       Fabricate and Installation of electronic or magnetic markers above or on the pipeline as reference points.
9.         Hook-up/Swing over integration operations
10.       Flushing/pigging of flow lines
11.       Pressure Testing of flow lines
12.       Retrieval of Disused flow line facilities
13. Surveillance/ Security Cover
14.       Spading of flow lines
15.       Spill containment at flow stations, gas plants, compressor station, water injection plants, and wellheads.
16.       Fabrication /Installation/modification of manifold skid
17.       Installation at flow station