Nigerian Manpower Supply

BNL is poised to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Nigerian Content Act in order to promote the national aspiration of developing a competent indigenous work force to run the oil and gas industry.

We are experienced manpower consultants based in Nigeria. We have CVS of qualified and experienced Nigerian and non-Nigerian professionals on our database for immediate employment for any employer of labor. Our labor will not pay upfront for processing visa / work permit, but will be ready to pay some amount when they start work with their various employers on deduction from their monthly salaries. Also, we collect our service charge when all our labor start work with the employers. Interested foreign employers who need the services of Nigerian professionals both skilled and unskilled should contact us as we can provide all categories of labor. 


National Manpower Supply
BNL is interfacing with Human Resources Managers of international oil companies and other key operators on the guidelines for National applications and deployment in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. As a service provider we focus on providing practical suggestions on how the Nigerian Content Act will be implemented to build capacity in the country, integrate Nigerians into the operations of the industry and retain about 60 per cent of the industry spend in the country.

Expatriate Manpower Supply

BNLcollaborate effectively with the Federal Ministry of Interior on expatriate quota management, manpower development initiatives and creation of employment opportunities for Non-Nigerians in the oil and gas industry.  Section 32 of the Nigerian Content Act, which gives the operator or project promoter room to retain a maximum of five per cent of management positions as may be approved by the NCD Board as expatriate positions to take care of investor’s interests. The key areas for quota positions include but not limited to the following.

-Erection /installation work;
-Feasibility studies;
-Repairs of machinery/equipment;
-Auditing of accounts;
-Research work and such other assignments as may fall into this category.