Pumps for Marine/offshore Operations
BNL is poised to providing total cargo/ballast pumps solutions for the marine and offshore operations. The company maintains an agency agreement with Frank Mohn AS of Norway on a non-exclusive basis. Frank Mohn AS is one of the world’s leading specialists/suppliers of submerged cargo/ballast pumps, system control, auxiliary hydraulic unit, hydraulic prime mover, cargo heater, bow thrusters and deck machinery to the world market.

BNL services in this area include the following:

  1. Cargo/Ballast pumps  planned maintenance contract
  2. Design, supply and commissioning of platform cargo pumping systems
  3. Design, supply and commissioning of platform submerged pumping systems for floating production and storage units operating on specific oil fields.
  4. Vessel technical  activities covers the following areas:
    1. Cargo-handling assistance.
    2. Pump condition control on basis of purging routines and test sheets received from vessels.
    3. Hydraulic oil monitoring and particle counting with statistical records and counselling.
    4. Ship visits.
    5. Technical assistance in connection with dry-docking or conversions.
    6. Statistical records of spares and services cost for each vessel.
    7. Full installation, commission and maintenance services.

BNL provides a planned maintenance service to ensure continues optimum plant operation with minimal downtime. Maintenance engineers are available to travel to any location world wide to service or repair any compressors and cargo/ballast pumping systems. The basic planned maintenance contract shall include the following:

  1. 24-hour contract for emergency call-out
  2. Logistics
  3. Planning of Transport
  4. Tracking of Spare Parts
  5. Maintenance Reports
  6. Report of Faults Outside of Planned Maintenance
  7. Performance Monitoring, work history support for continued analysis
  8. Statistical Information for Reliability and Breakdowns
  9. Site Visits Reports Prepared and Left on Board Vessel at each Visits
  10. Supply of special equipment/tools and field service Engineers/personnel
  11. On-shore support personnel, including all mobilization and demobilization
  12. Specialist operators, Work permit/Nigerian Visa, Air tickets/travel expenses