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"We deliver technical competence with uncompromising quality"
"When it comes to quality, Benkline 
does not do
"The skills and knowledge base of all Benkline's  staff are constantly updated"
"Experience, quality control & reliability underpins everything that we do at Benkline..."
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"

Maintenance of Lifting Equipment

We provide high standard Crane and Deck Services for offshore environments.  Among the services rendered are the following:
  • The provision of back-to-back crane operators with the required training and skills to operate and maintain all cranes.
  • The Provision of materials, equipment and labour to carry out repairs and routine maintenance on all equipment.
  • The technical authority for all crane Maintenance, Engineering and Inspection services.
  • The Maintenance, Certification, Inspection and colour coding of all portable and fixed lifting equipment on the offshore installations. This will include all pad eyes, lifting beams, runway beams and items of a similar nature. This to be maintained as  specified in Nigerian legislation.
  • The Provision of a 5 year rolling maintenance activity plan.

Co-ordination and management and planning of the WORK with appropriate resources to undertake any WORK

  • Work Register - Maintenance Module System Input Data.
  • Preparation of crane inspection, engineering, maintenance, and services strategies.
  • Slew Bearing repairs, refurbishment / reconditioning.
  • Pedestal Jacking Points inspection and preparation before use.
  • Boom repairs, refurbishment / reconditioning.
  • Load test crane after Major Crane Maintenance or statutory requirements.
  • Main engine and the torque converter maintenance using core resources.
  • Safe Load indicators and boom protection system maintenance.
  • Implementation of planned and ad hoc maintenance crane maintenance routines in accordance with the schedules set out in the Work Register.
  • Rectification of breakdowns.
  • Provision of first line crane maintenance personnel.
  • Implementation of planned and ad hoc crane maintenance job cards in the Work Register - Maintenance Module within the compliance measurement criteria. 
  • Perform fault finding and corrective WORK to maintain crane operations.