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"We deliver technical competence with uncompromising quality"
"When it comes to quality, Benkline 
does not do
"The skills and knowledge base of all Benkline's  staff are constantly updated"
"Experience, quality control & reliability underpins everything that we do at Benkline..."
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"

The Company

Benkline Nigeria Limited was established in 1995 as an oil field service company and has experienced unprecedented growth in the Nigerian oil industry. The company is an independent oil services company which was formed and wholly-owned by Nigerians.

Our vast experience cuts across several facets of the industry, together with affiliations with a number of reputable foreign companies. We are professional in applying this instinctive knowledge and experience to addressing your ongoing requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

Benkline Nigeria Limited has the reach and means to deliver high quality products and services. We understand first hand, the complexities and issues facing our industry, together with a strong grounding of the Nigerian culture and ways of conducting business. We are able to respond swiftly to our clients’ requirements in a unique way.

Our team at Benkline Nigeria limited combine several years of experience gained from different sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Our clients will testify of this, thanks to our technical expertise, client focus, on-time delivery, partnerships with world class companies, quality and speed of service. In additional to our complete professionalism, we are the benchmark for the industry.

Core Values

  • Total Quality Management
  • Commitment to safe Operations
  • Ethical in all business dealings
  • Customer- centric service provision
  • Commitment to the Highest standard in customer care

Our Mission

To be the preferred supplier of engineering and procurement services to the Nigerian and West African oil and gas industry.

Our Vision

To be a highly technical, competent Nigerian company and the company of choice for the provision of Total Quality Management services to the Nigerian oil & gas industry.

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop our employees into the most professionally committed team in the industry.
  • Growth of our core business services to maintain a leadership position in the provision of services to the entire value chain of Oil and gas operations.
  • To develop and exploit our engineering capability and to become one of the undisputed Nigerian leaders in the provision of pumps, rotating equipment and mechanical seals services.
  • To grow and expand our existing capacity in Rotating Equipment, HVAC Services and Manpower Development and Management. 

Benkline's permamnent commitments

  • A resolute commitment to Health & Safety conscious operation as well as care for the environment.
  • A customer-centric service provision - with emphasis on attaining the highest standard in customer care.
  • Total Quality Management
  • A transparent and ethical approach to ALL business dealings. 

Benkline's Management Structure

The Benkline management team is made up of executive directors and senior managers. The board of directors consists of non-executive directors with several years engineering, management, business, legal and finance experience in the oil and gas industry. Our culture is focused, innovative and entrepreneurial, facilitating the delivery of effective services to our clients. To ensure that each new job is handled by a dedicated team, we follow a project-based organisational structure, with the head office overseeing the general planning, funding and operations for each contract. With this structure, we are able to effectively and efficiently run several projects simultaneously.