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"We deliver technical competence with uncompromising quality"
"When it comes to quality, Benkline 
does not do
"The skills and knowledge base of all Benkline's  staff are constantly updated"
"Experience, quality control & reliability underpins everything that we do at Benkline..."
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"
"Health and safety are an integral part of our operations"

Quality Health Safety Environment

We recognize that everyone’s interest is best served when health and safety become an integral part of our operations, not necessarily because it is required but because we want to. It is therefore no surprise that we have excellent safety records throughout our entire operation.

Be in Quality while you put safety first

To live this slogan Benkline Nigeria Limited operates and works within the guidelines and standards that demand a responsible relationship with our clients, employees and community in which we operate. Our success is therefore assessed through both tangible and intangible measures but also through that enable us to achieve the satisfaction of our intended public and their stakeholders.

Our QHSE Policy encompasses Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management based on the following principles:


  • Our key objective is to bring our processes into compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, for which we have been certified since 2008.
  • Our Total Quality Management system is a permanent feature of life at Benkline Nigeria Limited, with all employees at all levels ensuring that activities are in line with our Quality policy.

Health & Safety Management

  • Concern for the improvement of Health and Safety conditions in the working environment, by taking into account the specifics of our processes. This is an integral part of our business and reflects our commitment to the care for our employees and attitude towards the social environment where we live and operate.
  • For us at BNL, compliance with the relevant legislations represents merely the minimum level to be achieved and improved upon, as evidenced by our HSE programme. Despite its current effectiveness level, the programme is under constant review for further development.

Environmental Management

  • Our high level of environmental awareness ensures a pleasant working environment and good relations with our neighbours, hence intensive efforts towards sustainable development and environmental management.
  • We also aim for continuous improvement of working and living conditions of all our employees and the population residing in the vicinity of activities.
  • Our environmental policy and procedures have been developed to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001.